Whistleblowing in AS3

In AS3 it is possible for employees, freelancers, clients, candidates and others associated with the company to report serious matters through a joined whistleblower scheme.

See answers to frequently asked questions regarding whistleblowing in AS3 below. Read the full whistleblower policy here.


  • How to perform whistleblowing in relation to AS3?
    • Whistleblowing in AS3 must be done in written in either Danish or English by filling out the form available on AS3's intranet and website. 

    • AS3 is not obliged to handle anonymous reports and reports must therefore contain full name and e-mail address for the whistleblower unit to handle the report.
  • Who can submit reports through the whistleblower form?
    • All employees can fill out the form on AS3's intranet. Furthermore, freelancers, candidates, customers and others associated with AS3 can fill in reports at www.as3.dk.
  •  Procedure
    • The whistleblower will receive confirmation that the form has been submitted within seven days of filling out the form
    • The whistle blower is entitled to receive further information on how AS3 chooses to handle the report within three months.
  • Types of violations to be reported through the whistleblower scheme:
    • AS3's whistleblower scheme is reserved for the disclosure of information about serious violations or other serious matters that cannot necessarily be attributed to a specific offence. Only conditions that have taken place or will take place in AS3 can be reported
      • Violations or irregularities are considered serious if it is in public's interest to bring it to light. Reports concerning the whistleblower's own working conditions are generally not covered, except in the case of sexual harassment or harassment of critical nature
  • The whistleblower scheme does not cover information regarding breaches of internal guidelines of a less serious nature, such as rules on sick leave, smoking and information on other personnel-related conflicts in the workplace. Such information may, in accordance with applicable guidelines, be submitted to ones manager, reported as a work environment incident or data breach.
  • See the full whistleblower policy for examples on matters relevant for the whistleblower scheme.
  • Who handles whistleblower reports in AS3?
    • All reports are processed by AS3's whistleblower unit which covers the entire organization. This means that all reports will be handled by the same administration.
    • The whistleblower unit have an extended duty of confidentiality regarding the information included in the reports.
  • Whistleblowing and GDPR
    • As a whistleblower you are protected by The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.
  • Further questions
    • Contact the whistleblower unit at as3-whistle-blower@as3.dk
    • Reports must be made by the form available at the top of the page.