Hvorfor skifter danskerne job? Få svaret i AS3 Jobsurvey 2020

My first 30 days at AS3

Hi - My name is Asle, and I recently joined AS3 as a Lead UX designer.

My focus in this position is to develop/refine digital solutions and establish a more design thinking oriented process.

Why AS3?

To be honest, I did not know AS3 very well before I was approached for the position.

A friend and former colleague of mine worked at AS3, and he invited me to a meeting where he pitched the position.

At the time, I was working at a local startup and prior to that, I had worked for some years at various digital agencies. While one of the agencies had had AS3 as a client, I hadn’t been involved in the project so I only knew AS3 by name.

At the meeting, it was clear to see that AS3 is a company that works with people and helps them in a caring and respectful way.

This matches the way I like to work, and it motivates me on a personal level when I get to work on projects where it is clear who I am helping and how.

This made it seem like a really good match and is part of what convinced me to go for the position.

My first 30 days

It has now been a month since I started working at AS3, and so far, it has been a great experience.

There are a lot of impressions and things to learn when you start working in a new company, and AS3 is no different.

So far it has been a very positive experience - especially the tour through the main office on my first day. This was a great way to meet my new colleagues. Everyone was really kind, so it was a nice first impression and added to a great first day on the job.

AS3 is a big place, so there is a lot of new faces and names to learn, but I hope to get to know them in the near future.

Then there is the initial certification.

Upon joining AS3, all employees will enter the AS3 academy, to learn about AS3 and the terms/philosophy of the company. This is a nice way to get into the company lingo and meet co-workers from other divisions who has also recently joined the company.

I must admit that I had my concerns about having to pass a certification, but it was a great introduction, and I am happy to say that I passed it :)

Throughout this introductory process, my leader has been a great support, and his onboarding made it easy for me to begin working on the projects I was assigned to.

One of the projects was recently presented to the sales team, where I was invited to do a co-presentation of the process, and how design thinking had influenced the solution.

It was very cool, and I am thrilled to see how the solution performs when it launches.