Hvorfor skifter danskerne job? Få svaret i AS3 Jobsurvey 2020

My way to AS3

Before making my way to AS3, I was employed as a recruiter/headhunter.

Through comprehensive networking, I ended up having a cup of coffee with the Recruiting Manager at AS3. Not about a specific job, but rather about other opportunities. After the first ten minutes of the conversation it became clear that there was a match on both a personal level and what I wanted to do in my professional life, which in the end resulted in an open position that matched my motivation.

I knew AS3 beforehand, as a company with great values, a great work environment and for making a difference for people in difficult situations.

Therefore, I did not hesitate to accept the opportunity in the HR department at AS3, when it was presented to me.

My position and responsibilities

As a HR Consultant at AS3, I work across the three departments in Talent, Learning and Culture (HR department), which means I play a role in recruiting, legal and learning.

I still work with recruiting, but instead of working solely with recruiting and headhunting, I now also have responsibilities of making contracts, structuring internal educations such as AS3’s internal leadership education and being part of organizational change processes.

Furthermore, I develop and initiate employer branding initiatives in close collaboration with the Recruiting Manager.

My first 30 days

It is always overwhelming, when you start a new job at a new company. Many new faces, names, processes, business units, culture and so on. However, my start was very structured with a detailed plan of my first month, which made my start easier because I knew exactly where to go and who to ask for help in different matters.

Every new AS3 employee must go through a combination of mandatory onsite and online certification modules, which gave me a deeper understanding of AS3’s purpose and WHY we are doing what we do. This was a great introduction to the company and gave an in depth understanding of what people in transition go through.

I quickly got my own work responsibilities and assignments, and was shown a lot of trust. My opinion mattered, which made me feel more committed from the start. 

After only a couple of weeks, it felt like I had been working at AS3 for several months, which is meant in the most positive way possible. My colleagues in the entire company have been extremely welcoming, which has eliminated the feeling of being “the new guy” very quickly.

I am involved with different interesting projects of great company impact, which makes my job very exciting and I can already feel that my work matters.