Hvorfor skifter danskerne job? Få svaret i AS3 Jobsurvey 2020

Who am I, and why AS3?

For the past 9 years I have been working with leadership. In my previous job I was responsible for the success of getting unemployed and people with a diagnosed sickness back to the employment market.

It was also in my previous job that I first heard the amazing results and the impressive growth at AS3. I started to explore the homepage of AS3 and learned about the values, visions, and the important role of helping people in difficult situations, and I was convinced that AS3 would be a great place to work. I specifically noticed that I could both contribute with my own experience and identify with the values of AS3, which I think is important.

At LinkedIn I connected with people from AS3 and I also followed AS3 in the media. I had a meeting with the recruitment manager, and we maintained contact for a couple of months when an open position unexpectedly appeared that matched my motivation and my profile. I entered an exciting round of job interviews in AS3 before I could accept the opportunity as head of personnel on Zealand East.

I am now responsible for management, operation, financials, recruitment and the well-being and personal development of the employees at AS3’s five Employment centers in East Zealand.

My first month at the job

My first week at AS3 I was going to Aarhus, to the Academy of AS3. Every new employee gets certified at the Academy as well as passing online certification modules. Compared to my previous positions it is quite impressive how AS3 invests in all their employees.

I met some very enthusiastic educators and I was impressed that the AS3 values were very present in the matter of meeting other people and in all the core tasks of working with people with various difficulties.

The second week I had a thorough introduction with my leader. I was introduced to my business associates and different kinds of systems, budgets and core tasks in general and I started to explore the different kinds of contracts in my business unit. I also met with my other head of personnel colleagues from other Danish locations and they gave me a great introduction to my responsibilities.

It was very exciting, and I was exhausted by the end of the day. I have not been a novice in a job for the last 6 years and it is challenging to get to know so many new people, names, systems and not knowing instinctively who to contact and when. It takes time to get to know a new organization. However, I have also learned that everything is very organized in AS3 and well documented, so it is easy to find the answers and if not, people are more than willing to help.

The third week I visited the 5 centers that I am responsible for. I met some very enthusiastic and very competent employees that were very welcoming.

The fourth week I was holding individual sessions with the employees in order to get to know each other better. I also had candidates for job interviews and hired my first new employee in AS3.

The next 30 days

Actually, I feel like I have been in AS3 much longer than one month. I am already “in action” at the centers and I am very proud to be a part of AS3. My focus is to make sure there is a balance between professional standards and business understanding in order to continuously improve the business.

Please feel free to reach out...