Hvorfor skifter danskerne job? Få svaret i AS3 Jobsurvey 2019

I have worn many hats during my time at AS3 – My career began as a student aid in the human resources department while I was still studying English at Aarhus University. My job consisted of a variety of tasks that allowed me to use the skills I had been taught at the university and many tasks that taught me completely new skills – I was, amongst other things, given a chance to work with our internal e-learning system, which is something I never would have had a chance to work with otherwise.

I worked as a student aid for the last ten months of my education, until I graduated, and it was time to say (a sad) goodbye to AS3. Luckily, a position opened in the HR-department as one of my colleagues ventured out to seek new challenges. I had a nice talk with my manager about the possibility of me taking on a full-time position and after some time, internal management and debate I received the phone call asking me if I was still interested in the position – I was!

Going from the position of student aid to full time employee was exciting as it meant not only a 37-hour work week, but also an increase in responsibilities and more work in areas I had only partly been involved in before. I was now not only assisting with tasks on our e-learning platform but creating things myself. Meanwhile, because AS3 has departments throughout the Nordics, I still had the opportunity to use what I had learned at the university, as I got to work with the English translation of academic materials created by my very talented colleagues.

I knew from the onset of me being hired full-time in the HR department, that it was on borrowed time as it was in a project position – this meant that after 2 x 6 months as an HR Digital Supporter it was, once again, time to spread my wings and say goodbye to AS3. Fortunately for me, once again, a colleague decided that it was time for a change. This meant that a position opened up in another department of the company – AS3 Employment. Not at all ready to leave a company that I really liked working for, I decided to try my luck once more and applied for the position of communications officer. A combination of my skills, both those acquired at the university and during my time at AS3 as well as many years of experience working with graphic design, landed me the position I’m currently in.

I feel very fortunate that I get to go to work every day and work on tasks that allow me to not only use the skills I already possess, but ones that challenge me and help me grow academically and professionally as well.